Take a peek into our room. Below you will see small pictures. Click on the blue hyperlinks and you will see a bigger picture. 

For more of my camping theme, see my back to school, MOOSE, and Workstations pages.

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Soon to be updated with '06 pictures.

See my '06 room layout in .pdf form.


This is the display on the left side of our door in the hall.


These displays are on the right of our door out in the hall. The left display was for 2004 and the one on the right is the 2005 display.

A few more of our bulletin boards.

This board has multi-colored boots with student names on each.


Another one showing part of our class theme. "Exploring God's World"

This is our new word wall, called Word Woods.

This is our "Caught Being Good" board.

These little hikers are new this year. They are holding signs that depict our class theme--

"Hiking Towards Heaven.

Exploring God's World."

They are above the bulletin boards.

This is the birthday board. Each month has student birthdays under it.

(This is being updated to my camping theme by using bug jars for each month and putting bug stickers with the child's name and date in the right jar)

pdf jars: sheet 1  sheet 2  sheet 3  sheet 4  sheet 5  sheet 6

This is the view when you walk in the room. (window wall)

See class library here.

This is the wall to the right when you walk in the room. (The front)

This is the left (back) of the room.

This is the view if you turn around and look at the inside wall.

This is the 1st "stop" - the lunch board. Students move their name from the far left (absent side) to either the lunchbox column or the hot lunch column.

After backpacks/lunchboxes are put up (2nd "stop"), 

3rd "stop" is to show Mrs. Smith the MOOSE book.

Next "stop" is to fill out a word wall paper with name, date, and 1-5 (Later 1-5 on back, too) and get it checked by Mrs. Smith.

(This is then put into their chair pocket until our 

Working with Words block)


5th "stop" is to change out books in our book boxes.

Last "stop" is to quietly read around the room until the bell rings. 

The giant pink "Give Me 5" hand over our door.

This is our star board behavior system.

This is our daily schedule on the entrance door. 

(see bigger picture)

(see our weekly schedule)

Check out other parts of the site for more pictures (especially the 4Blocks sections and the MOOSE book/Management pages.)


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